The Day We Visited Amor Bakery

One sunny afternoon, we found ourselves visiting Quezon City for bread— good quality bread, that is. We’re glad to have discovered a homegrown bread store called Amor Bakery.

“Amor” means “love” in Spanish and it perfectly describes the bakery because all the bread they produce are made with love. They have about a minimum of 50 different varieties of freshly baked goods made every single day— some are new, some are mainstays, and some are seasonal.

We went around the bakery like children excitedly checking out a new playground. The smell of fresh bread was enough to keep our smile plastered on our faces. The sight of assorted pastries was enough to make us salivate so we didn’t waste time. We got us some of their recommended items.

1.  Sweet Custard Bun

The moment we saw the creamy custard filling and rich chocolate drizzle, we knew that we’re in for a nice treat. We paired it with Amor Bakery’s Iced Wintermelon Tea.


2.  Crispy Almond Wedge

There’s nothing more appetizing to see than a bun smothered in cream and almond slivers. We like the fact that it has the right amount of sweetness which made it more delightful to eat.


3.  Oreo Cream Wedge

One can’t go wrong with Oreo. We’re definitely sure of that. This item is a crowd favorite so we made sure to secure us a couple of pieces before they’re gone from the shelf.


4.  Cheesy Garlic Loaf

Garlic and cheese make a perfect combination. The cheese gives that creaminess and saltiness which the garlic balances out with its subtle sweetness and nutty flavor.


5. Spicy Floss Bun

We can definitely consume a lot of this! There’s no denying that soft bread topped with generous amounts of spicy pork floss is definitely yum.


6.  Ham and Corn Egg

If you want everything tasty in one serving, this is the bread for you. It’s bread topped with ham, corn, and egg sprinkled with pepper and parsley, then baked to perfection.


7.  Crown Chocolate Charcoal

The last 3 bread selection that we had can be found in their European section. Among the 3 European bread we got, this Crown Chocolate Charcoal is on top of our list. The chocolate lover in us just couldn’t get enough of this charcoal bread filled with chocolate chip morsels.


8.  Wholemeal Cream Cheese

Wholemeal adds more nutrition and flavor. Filling the bun with cream cheese made the bread tastier. Actually, this is our 2nd favorite among the items we ordered.


9.  Italian Bacon

The moment we saw bacon on the ingredients list, we didn’t hesitate to get it. The bread is filled with bacon, onion, cheese, and flavored with Italian spice.


Even though we overloaded ourselves with carbs, we didn’t regret eating all of the bread we got! One of the things we like about Amor Bakery is their price point. The products they sell are reasonably-priced and student-budget friendly which make their items accessible to anyone who wants good quality bread. Oh, and they also offer hot meals like pasta and pizza so we’re planning to try those the next time we go back. As for the bakery’s rustic interior, it made us enjoy the dining experience more.



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