The Day The Pantry At Dusit Thani Manila Turned One

We are all about sustainability and knowing that The Pantry at Dusit Thani Manila has maintained their unique “farm-to- fork” concept to the food-loving Filipino market.

It was our first time to visit The Pantry and the moment we were welcomed with champagne, we knew we’ll have a great lunch. We have to admit that the food stations weren’t as extensive as the other well-known buffets in other hotels, however, The Pantry‘s selections were more than enough to keep us full and satisfied. Let us show you the stations and the food we had for lunch.


Our first stop was the Indian Food Station. We love Indian food because of the spices that create depth in flavors. A big smile flashed on our faces when we saw Lamb Roganjosh among the selections. Of course we didn’t pass up the opportunity to get their Lamb Biryani and their mint yogurt to keep that vibrance and balance with the full flavored Biryani.


The Meat and BBQ Station was up next. Who can say no to lechon with its crispy skin? We also got pieces of Crispy Pata (our personal National Dish), Baby Back Ribs, Roast Lamb, and Tomahawk Steak. We got a side dish of Grilled Corn Muffins to get some form of vegetables on our plate.


After eating some meat, it’s just natural to go to the Seafood Station to get us some Boiled Shrimps, Buttered Shrimps, Garlic Crabs, Clams, and Baked Oysters. We paired our seafood with white wine. Perfection.





Last stop was the Dessert Station. There were different types of cakes but we specifically went for the Filipino desserts. We got Sapin-Sapin, Maja Blanca, Palitaw, Biko, and Puto.


By the end of lunch, we were stuffed. The dishes were straightforward, flavorful, and overall, tasty.

The buffet at The Pantry is available everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Prices vary for weekdays and weekends. Contact +632-238-8888 for inquiries.


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