How Davao Welcomed Us— Street Grub Style

After 8 years, we got to see Davao again. We were ready to see the changes in the landscape and the food scene because we’re aware that a lot can happen in 8 years. True enough, Davao greeted us with new structures, new establishments, new food places, and new traffic situation. Heavy or not, traffic didn’t deter us from checking out our first food stop— Street Grub.

Karlo Mercado, the man behind Street Grub, said that he wanted to share his love for food and travel by giving the food-loving public a dose of his food discoveries during his many travels. The place is well-lit and adorned with graffiti which has the similar vibe of wall arts you see in many countries. The artworks made the space hip and friendly.

Being the eager beaver that we are, we decided to get some of their bestsellers starting with their Chef’s Burger. When this 150-gram beef patty sandwiched between brioche buns and adorned with red onions, arugula, homemade yogurt sauce, and cheese sauce came out, it definitely made us smile. Nothing spells food porn than a perfectly oozing cheese on top of a juicy burger patty.

The next thing we got was their Rib Eye Shawarma Wrap. They wrapped the rib eye steak in homemade pita with Greek salsa, lettuce, and yogurt sauce. Since we love heat, we had them put some spicy sauce to the mix. To add more personality to the dish, we dipped the shawarma in their garlic mayo sauce.

We’re all about the beef so we also got their French Dip. To fully enjoy dipping the beef sandwich in aus jus sauce, we had them cut in bite-sized portions. The dish may look simple but the flavors were spot-on.

When we saw Red Hot Wings on the menu, we knew had to have it. We even told their kitchen not to hold back on the heat level. Yes, we’d like to deliciously punish ourselves sometimes. They went perfectly well with their sour cream aioli.

Speaking of sour cream aioli, the last thing we ordered was their newest offering on the menu— Crispy Pork Sandwich which came with the dip mentioned. Now this one is a surefire winner in our book! The perfectly cooked and spice-coated pork was crispy and tasty. The coleslaw added that refreshing touch to the dish. Their sour cream aioli was amazing that we’re willing to buy them in jars in case they’ll bottled it up to sell! We have to say that Street Grub makes mean dips— from the garlic mayo to the aus jus to the sour cream aioli.

Overall, our visit to Street Grub was an enjoyable one. It was definitely how we want to be welcomed in Davao on our first day.


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