Conversations Over Sangria with Gem Tee of Salta!

After the birth of Pappare Ristoranti, an Italian food joint which specializes in creating pasta with Italian and Asian flavors, just at the beginning of 2017, Salta! Italian Rotisserie Chicken Bar came in next. The sister of Pappare Ristoranti, chef and owner Gem Tee decided to open Salta! to give the food-loving public something hearty and meaty. Situated in 38 Mayaman Street in UP Village in Quezon City, it’s steadily gaining popularity because of its good food, good price, and good location. Speaking of good food, our top 3 picks are their Balsamic Beef Ribs, Homemade Italian Sausage, and Rotisserie Chicken. We also couldn’t get enough of their sides— their Pesto Rice, Tuscan Slaw, and Rotisserie Cheese Potato. We are such suckers for fries so their Sweet Potato Fries and their bestselling Crabonara Fries are our weaknesses. One of the things we love in Salta! is their Red and White Sangria which is available throughout the day. Aside from the Sangria being refreshing, it pairs well with everything.

Gem Tee of Salta!

Salta! might just be barely a month old but not its founder. Gem Tee has been roaming the culinary world for years, joining international cooking competitions, traveling the world to learn more about other cuisines, collaborating with various chefs in making good food, and establishing her own brands of Italian-infused restaurants. She is just getting started and now that she has Pappare and Salta!, she’s not planning on stopping anytime soon.

While enjoying our 1 liter of Sangria each (yes you read right), we started with our 15-item Q&A—

1. What are your Top 3 vacation destinations in the world? A: Alaska, Manhattan, and Peru.

2. If we’re going to give you a plane ticket right now and sponsor an all-expense paid trip, where will you go? A: I would do a 7-night Mediterranean Cruise leaving from Switzerland.

3. What’s that one dish that you can eat for the rest of your life? A: Adobo sa Gata.

4. What is the one food you will never eat even if given a million pesos? A: Turtle.

5. What’s your Happy Meal? A: Dimsum and Fried Rice

6. What’s that one dish you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to? A: Uni. Im not a fan of sushi and anything raw.

7. If you could have dinner with one famous person who’s still alive right now, who will it be and why? A: I’d have dinner with Alton Brown and just discuss the science and history of whatever we’re eating for dinner.

8. If the earth will be taken over by a different entity, would you prefer aliens or zombies? A: Aliens.

9. What is that one unhealthy food that you will not give up? A: Pizza.  

10. What’s your most unforgettable meal? A: The degustacion and wine pairing dinner at Central Restaurante by Chef Virgilio Martinez in Lima, Peru.

11. Wine, Whisky, or Beer? A: Beer.

12. What’s the one menu entry that you always order in most restaurants that you go to?  A: Pasta.

13. What’s your all-time favorite Italian food? A: Calamari.

14. What are your Top 3 dishes in Salta’s menu? A: First is the Lamb Shank, second is the Rotisserie chicken— the breast part, and third is the Crabonara Fries.

15. If you can have 1 superpower, what would it be? A: Being invisible that can pass through anything.


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