Classic dishes with classic flavors are there for a reason. They exist to remind us of people’s culinary ingenuity in bringing ingredients together using certain cooking styles as well as showcase the rich culture of a specific place. However, breathing new life into classic dishes by injecting innovation is a sign of people’s continuous strive for creativity and the intention to ignite consumers’ interest in food. Classic or otherwise, one thing’s for sure — we always welcome good food.

On the subject of something new, Tokyo Tokyo just came out with their Cheesy Beef Ramen. One would think beef and cheese in a ramen is an unusual pair. Allow us to tell you 3 reasons why it’s one perfect combination.

1. Cheese makes everything tastier, lovelier, and creamier

There are 2 types of cheese in every Cheesy Beef Ramen bowl. There’s the spicy cheese sauce mixed with the tonkotsu broth and the cheese slice on top of the noodles. The sharp flavor of the cheese slice and the heat brought by the spicy cheese sauce are enough to make a cheese lover smile and nod in satisfaction.

2. Simple and straightforward ingredients with flavors in perfect harmony

You’d often read and hear the quote “less is more”. It’s quite true with Tokyo Tokyo’s Cheesy Beef Ramen. Those firm noodles swimming comfortably in hot tonkotsu broth mixed with spicy cheese sauce topped with beef misono, cheese slice, nitamago, shredded cabbage, scallions, and nori all go together flavorwise as if they have always been that way.

3. Perfect to eat with your perfect person

Because good food is always best to experience with your favorite people.

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