13 Things To Try in 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining

Somewhere in Banawe, Quezon City is a restaurant suitable for family and friends. And that place is called 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining. It’s pretty easy to locate since the name of the restaurant is also its address.

Co-owned by Chef Zaza Sarmiento, the place serves global cuisine that plays on being creative and innovative but still possesses comforting flavors. A big percentage of the food they serve are being prepared in the restaurant— from the bacon, to the dressings, to the pickled vegetables. Dishes are made with love and made to enjoy by food-loving diners.

The huge dining space of the restaurant is bright and airy. The walls are adorned by photographs captured by Zaza’s grandfather from his travels in the Philippines. Even the wall going up the dining area boasts of her mom’s collection of masquerade masks. This goes to show that family plays a big part in shaping their love of food.




Speaking of food, here are the 13 items we recommend that you try in 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining.

1. Fried Tripe

We are a big fan of offals so this popcorn tripe is a treat! Sprinkled with salt, pepper, and green chillies, they are deep fried to perfection. Had it not been for the other dishes we ordered, we could’ve finished the entire bowl.


2. Cheese and Raspberry Salad

A personal favorite of Chef Zaza’s mom, she recreated this salad to share with diners of 13 Ubay. The sweet and tangy taste of the raspberry vinaigrette went well with the slight saltiness of the fried herb cheese. The mix of fresh apples and mangoes added character to the dish.


3. Grilled Cheese

When one says grilled cheese, one would think of the goeey cheese sandwich. But not in 13 Ubay. One bite of the poached pear wrapped in mixed cheese and bacon confirmed that their interpretation of grilled cheese is much more exciting!


4. Liver and Banana

Now this is our favorite in their Bar Bites menu. Does liver and banana go together? The logical answer is “No” but when you put both chicken liver wrapped in bacon and grilled banana in your mouth, you’d instantly say otherwise. The combination, no matter how absurd it may seem, is well-balanced. The earthy flavor of the chicken liver played well with the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the banana. A serving of 4 bites will not be enough. We guarantee that.


5. Grilled Chicken Harissa

One thing that we often worry about when confronted with chicken is its succulence especially in the white meat section and we’re happy to report that 13 Ubay did not disappoint. The hot chili pepper paste gave the chicken life.


6. Twice Cooked Ribs

Fork-tender and moist. These tamarind-glazed ribs are a definite must-try. The hint of both sourness and subtle sweetness from the tamarind blended well with the side of the apple kimchi.


7. Shrimps in Aligue

Who can go wrong with perfectly cooked shrimps in crab paste? No one. This tastes like heaven. We ate this with steamed rice, of course.


8. Chorizo and Shrimps

Surf and Turf 13 Ubay style. The spaghetti in roasted tomato cream sauce was made more flavorful with homemade chorizo and shrimps. It’s one of those dishes that is sure to make you feel better if you’re having a rough day.


9. Beignets

Known as French doughnuts, these bite-sized pillows of goodness are one of the desserts to get.


10. Tres Leches

For a dreamy finish to a good meal, this dessert promises a happily ever after ending. The dense cake, when soaked in the pool of sweet milk, is silky and creamy.


11. Adios Hazel

A good meal with friends and family is a lot more fun with cocktails! A mix of white rum, muscovado, mango, egg white, and lemon, this drink is light and refreshing.

12. 13 Ubay

If you want something that has a badass personality, combining chili tequila, cucumber, lime, and honey is the best bet for a cocktail. The kick from the spicy tequila is assured to jolt your senses.

13. Miel De Abeja

This ginger tequila, lemon, and honey of a cocktail is a good summer drink. We’re a fan of tequila (please don’t judge us) so this is quite enjoyable for us.


Overall, our lunch was satisfying— the ambiance, the company, and most especially the food. We know we’ll be back soon.


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