Paseo 59C, A New Dining + Co-working Space in Makati

Working lunches never tasted this good.

If you’re on a lookout for a co-working space in Makati, there’s a new place in town along Paseo de Roxas. Paseo 59C is the newest baby of restaurateurs, Jean Paul and Patricia Cheung, the same couple who brought to us Good Earth Roasts in BGC.

The new space serves Asian cuisine that plays around the familiar but adventurous palate of the food-loving consumers. The concept of a “working lunch” that has become widely popular because of today’s fast-paced environment as well as the growth of many start-ups is what Paseo 59C has in mind. It also didn’t hurt that they serve coffee and cocktails to support whichever fuels our productivity.


Since our work is often mobile, we’re happy to have stumbled upon this gem of a place that offers good working space, good Wi-Fi signal, and good food. Speaking of food, here’s the list of the dishes we recommend that you get in Paseo 59C while answering those emails and creating those presentations.

1. Maling Chips

Thinly sliced luncheon meat and deep-fried to a crisp. Quite addicting.


2. Bacon Wrapped Siomai

Paseo 59C took the regular Siomai to the next level by wrapping it in good old bacon then frying it. A total treat especially to all bacon lovers out there.


3. Duckquitos

The shredded duck, cucumber, and leeks drizzled with honey hoisin and aioli made the dish totally flavorful and just wonderful to eat.


4. Salt N Pepper Wings

We definitely love the crunch on these wings! Squeezing the lime on the wings and dipping them in sour cream made it all the more awesome.


5. Chicken Tausi Chow Mein

This is one of Paseo 59C’s bestsellers. The tausi definitely gave this classic stir-fried chow mein dish an extra oomph.


6. Kansi Noodle Soup

An Ilonggo recipe, a Kansi is actually a cross between a Bulalo and a Sinigang. If you want to enjoy both, a good bowl of this will definitely surprise you in a good way.


7. Frynaneese Chicken

If you’re a big fan of Hainanese Chicken, we’re sure you’ll like the fried chicken version of it. Still packed with the same flavor, just presented a bit differently. This one’s another bestseller.


8. Braised Beed 59C Asian Goreng

This Indonesian fried rice comes with fork-tender beef, siomai, crispy dilis, peanuts, kropek, and fried egg. A spoonful of rice with the toppings is sure to bring satisfaction. The slight sweetness of the beef blended well with the saltiness of the dilis. The peanuts brought that crunch which made the different textures exciting on the palate.


Now that we’ve given you our recommendations, I’m sure you’ll get to enjoy your working lunch more. In case we bump into each other, don’t be shy to say hi.


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