If there’s one type of love that can stay forever in the food world, it’s our love for fried chicken.

There is something about the crackle of the crispy skin once you tear or bite into it that makes the eating experience more mouthwatering. We even know of some people who will remove the crispy skin and eat the rest of the chicken, only to go back to it after everything has been consumed because they would like to save the best for last. But as with anything fried, our health takes a hit. And our biggest enemy— cholesterol. Since a high cholesterol can lead to other serious illnesses, health advocates will often tell you to lessen your intake of fried food or for some, to completely ban fried food from your diet.

We, at Manila Eat Up, love food so much that we don’t think we can ban anything that tastes amazing from our diet. We believe that there are always innovative ways to create dishes that can lean on the healthier side. And one of them is called ‘Unfried Fried Chicken’. Yes, you read right. It’s Kenny Roger’s Roasters’s newest innovation.



They marinate the chicken, dip in the batter, dredge with flour, pat to dry, and then off to their equipment they go. Cooking takes about 20 minutes so the wait isn’t that bad. What comes out after 20 minutes is magic. Chicken looking like they were deep-fried in oil because of it’s golden color, crispy skin that gives off that nice crunchy sound that we like so much, and juicy, tender meat inside. Exactly how we want our fried chicken to be, minus the guilt! Definitely an OMG moment.


To fully enjoy the dining experience, you can choose from a variety of side dishes that they offer. Their Corn and Carrots, Garlic Potatoes, and Mixed Vegetables have always been on top of our list. The chicken comes with gravy but it was flavorful enough for us that we didn’t feel the need to fancy it up with any sauce.

So the next time you’re craving for fried chicken, we recommend you try Kenny Roger’s OMG Unfried Fried Chicken. We even got a bucket of 8 to make sure we’ll have ample supply for everyone!



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