Your Guide to Drinking at Rocket Room in BGC

by Pepe Samson

We are all spoiled for choice when it comes to drinking. With the menagerie of bars, clubs, gastropubs and speakeasies, all we have to do nowadays is Google—or better yet, ask someone—in order to find out which hangout spot serves the cheapest booze, offers the best beers, or has the best crowd.

Who would have thought that this Pale Pilsen-drinking country would someday evolve into what it is now—a nightlife hub with literally everything: from shady jam-packed spaces overflowing with cocktail towers to posh superclubs seducing throngs of young people with its 15,000-peso poolside tables?

Yet, with the range of choices, only a few establishments truly understand that not all people come out just to be intoxicated—or that we don’t want to be drunk all the time. Those who are serious with their stuff know that, regardless of dispositions, everyone deserves a well-made drink—and it’s a good thing that places like Rocket Room exist. A lot of bars, even those with well-curated food menus, sell undrinkable stuff that guarantee nothing but hangovers, but this Raintree-owned restaurant in Bonifacio Global City puts alcohol—and drinkers—to the pedestal.

If you’ve been to a Guilty Pleasures session on a Wednesday night, you would be familiar with this snazzy retro bar in Bonifacio High Street Central serving up well-crafted cocktails and delicious bar chow from its adjoining sister restaurant, Stella. The place just transports you from a busy workday into a charming old-world era with its checked flooring, lava lamps, and comfortable leather booths. Its eclectic choice of music give it a more modern feel, while its bar list satiates your search for a great drink—regardless of time and space!

Rocket Room’s drink selection showcases the mixological skills of its barmen. From house-made spirits to classic cocktails, the bar offers something that perfectly fits your craving—or thirst, as is more apt. The Cocktail Lounge features the bar’s special infusions and original cocktails; the Tiki Bar shows off its refreshing and fun side; and lastly, The Originals put a playful twist on the classics.

Is it your first time at Rocket Room? Don’t worry because we tried 5 cocktails from these 3 styles—so that you don’t have to be so drunk tasting them all! Below, our top picks from Rocket Room’s exquisite cocktail lineup. Have fun choosing which one (or five) you fancy the most!

1.  Rocket Fuel

When a bar painstakingly makes an effort to create its own spirits, you know you have to order something labeled “house-made”. The Rocket Fuel, Rocket Room’s signature drink, features its specialty liquid fire—an infusion of vodka and jalapeño pepper—mixed with silver tequila and triple sec. This cocktail is smooth yet strong, with an exciting hint of spice punctuating each sip. Just enough kick to tickle the throat—and to keep you going all night!


2.  The Girl with the Violet Eyes

One of my favorites at Rocket Room, this reinvention of the mojito uses an assortment of berries, honey, lychee, mint, and homemade Washington red apple and cinnamon bark rum. I don’t like cocktails that are too sweet, and The Girl with the Violet Eyes is the perfect choice for those who share the same preference—a well-balanced drink with the right level of sweetness, alcohol content, and acidity.


3.  Sea Monkey

This drink may look cute and fit for a baby’s crib, but beneath the innocent presentation is a potent concoction of rum, guava daiquiri, sour mix, and bitters. As with any tiki cocktail, the Sea Monkey makes us wish we were sipping it by the beach and enjoying its tropical flavors under the warm sun and cool breeze—and just like that toy monkey on the brink of diving into a pool of booze, we wish we were close to the refreshing sea too.


4.  Bungalow Boogaloo

For something that brings to mind Asian flavors, try the Bungalow Boogaloo—a sweet cocktail made of watermelon gin, lychee and cucumber juice, calamansi syrup, and pandan essence. The fruit-infused base makes for a light drink, while the rest of the ingredients add a bit of tartness and a load of sweetness, creating what almost feels like a liquid dessert.


5.  Mid Century Smoked

Rocket Room recreates the Old Fashioned with the Mid Century Smoked. Faithful to the original, it has whisky (theirs is smoked cherry), bitters, and orange slices. However, the frisky minds of their barmen throws in some amaretto liqueur and a smoky, crispy strip of bacon. Yes, you read that right. I know what you’re thinking—this is the cocktail for you.


**Rocket Room has permanently closed**


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