3 Reasons Why You Should Try Tokyo Tokyo’s Unagi-Style Bangus

by Ian Tapang

Tokyo Tokyo is, without a doubt, one of the most well known Japanese food chains in the Philippines. They consistently serve us quality and popular Japanese dishes such as the Prawn Tempura, Beef Misono, and Pork Tonkatsu among others, and at the same time, they introduce new and innovative dishes that bring Japan closer to us. With Tokyo Tokyo’s existence for more than 3 decades in the country, it has never failed to satisfy our appetite for Japanese cuisine.

Speaking of new dishes, Tokyo Tokyo’s newest offering will sure delight your palate. Just being back from Japan, it was like taking a trip down memory lane as I can’t help but reminisce my gastronomic experience and tasteful adventure in Tokyo. That’s why I’m sharing the 3 reasons why you should try Tokyo Tokyo’s newest item!

1. Delicious Innovation.

Japan is taking the world by storm with its remarkable innovations and we are happy to say that Tokyo Tokyo is doing the same. With its brand new creation, the Unagi-Style Bangus, it is proving to be another one of Tokyo Tokyo’s delicious innovation. Instead of using unagi or freshwater eel, the well-loved bangus or milkfish took its place. To bring the unagi flavor to the dish, they created the smoky and sweetened unagi sauce which they used to baste the fish with. To complete the ensemble, crunchy garlic bits and onion leeks were added on top of the perfectly grilled milkfish. An order of the Unagi-Style Bangus Bento comes with vegetable misono and unlimited rice and goes well with Tokyo Tokyo’s Red Iced Tea.


2. That Filipino Touch.

To personalize the taste to the Filipino palate, Tokyo Tokyo merged both Filipino and Japanese flavors; marrying the familiar with the foreign. With its Unagi-Style Bangus, Filipinos will surely love the savory taste of grilled milkfish paired with the smoky sweetness of the unagi sauce. At first glance, it may seem an unlikely combination but once you’ve tasted them together, the whole thing makes sense.


3. Healthy Alternative.

Be it a lifestyle change or the practice of abstinence in time for lent, people are looking for lighter yet delicious options from the usual chicken, pork, and beef selections. Tokyo Tokyo’s Unagi-Style Bangus is a tasty choice should diners want to go the healthier route.


Now that I’ve given you the reasons, I think now is the perfect time to visit Tokyo Tokyo to try their Unagi-Style Bangus for yourself.

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