4 Ways GoGourmet Saved Us

Once upon a time, life used to be slow and steady. Now, with the workforce landscape continuously changing along with technological improvements, life is becoming more fast-paced and dynamic.

Enter the busy lives of everyone— with work, family obligations, managing the household, personal plans, and social commitments, people are wearing different hats and mastering the art of multitasking. One of the things that gets sacrificed is nutrition which basically translates to food. Hustling 24/7 makes it challenging for people to not only eat balanced meals but to also eat home-cooked meals. That’s when GoGourmet comes to the rescue!

Introducing GoGourmet, the first-ever meal kit in the Philippines. It started August 2017 by a group of chefs whose main concern is to bring delicious food to the tables of people with ease and efficiency. And that’s exactly what we experienced when we got some of their meal kits— both School Meal Kits and Everyday Meal Kits.

Let us tell you 4 fantastic reasons why GoGourmet is our kitchen savior:

1. It saved us time.

Having always a jam-packed schedule, it’s a challenge to carve out time to plan meals, to go to the grocery store or farmer’s market, to prep the ingredients, and to actually cook. GoGourmet cuts those activities in half. Instead of going to the market, we only needed to go the GoGourmet website to look at their sizable menu and decide which home-cooked meals we would like to eat for the week and next coming weeks. There’s a wide selection of dishes— from Filipino dishes to Mexican to American to French to Chinese. They even have soups and salads. After we ordered and paid online, we were given the delivery date. The online shopping time only took us about 10 minutes. It saved us quite a good amount of time to drive to the store, get stuck in traffic, and wait in line at the cashier.

2. It saved us space.

On days and weeks we know that we’ll be home, we plan our meals. Of course we always want fresh ingredients and do our best to steer away from canned products. Most of the time, we buy ingredients by bunches, by bulbs, by packs, by kilos, by jars, and by bottles which take up space in the fridge and the pantry. When we got our GoGourmet meals kits, the ingredients were measured and packed individually. Everything we need to make the dish is included in the kit. By stacking the containers neatly, it saved us space in the fridge.

3. It saved us money.

This is the part that attracted us the most to GoGourmet. Both their Everyday Meal Kits and School Meal Kits are well-priced. With their menu selection, we can enjoy different dishes at home which would have cost us more if we’ll go to the market and buy or go to a restaurant and dine.

4. It saved us. Period.

Having these ready-to-cook GoGourmet meal kits at home saved us from making unhealthy food choices and obviously, from starvation. We appreciate that they even put the nutritional information on their packet so we know exactly how many calories each dish has.

Aside from that, the dishes were easy to make— take out ingredients from the package, get the stove going, follow the simple instructions that came with the kit, cook like you’ve been cooking your entire life, plate up, and serve. Most of the dishes we cooked barely took us 30 minutes to make, from start to finish. That’s even faster than Rachel Ray! We even had one of our friends, who never had any cooking experience (not even to boil an egg), cook one meal and it came out great! She said that it was so easy that even a kitchen novice like her can pull it off.

Porkchop with Mustard Sauce

The 2 best things about our GoGourmet experience— it ignited our fire to start cooking again and it made us enjoy delicious home-cooked meal, fuss free.

We love GoGourmet so much that we already put in our orders for this week. Their Porkchop with Mustard Sauce and Tequila Lime Chicken with Avocado-Black Bean Salsa are our top 2 favorites.

To show you how easy it is to cook a GoGourmet Meal Kit, here’s a video of us making their Adobo Mango Salad.

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