Holiday Season in the Philippines starts the minute the 1st “BER” month kicks in. That means, people should be expecting to hear Christmas songs being publicly played almost anywhere— the malls, the restaurants, the convenience stores, inside public transports, and over the radio to name a few. There is no contesting the fact that Filipinos love Christmas because it’s the time when families get together, when friends spend time with each other, and when endless gift-giving in festivities happen.

Speaking of gift-giving, one of the things we look forward to during the Holiday Season is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s The Giving Journal. CBTL gives coffee and tea lovers the opportunity to join their own tradition of giving through their annual Giving Journals. All you need to do is purchase drinks from any CBTL stores to complete the stamp card. A completed stamp card will get you The Giving Journal while the proceeds from the journals will provide educational assistance, character development, and community service to those in need through the company’s Real LIFE Foundation.

Every year, the journal designs get more and more creative. For 2019, The Giving Journals come in 4 designs with a touch of simplicity and elegance.

1) Cork cover with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s bean and leaf icons

2) Hardbound teal with matte finish and foil stamp

3) Cork cover with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s logo

4) Hardbound black with matte finish and gold foil stamp

The inside pages of The Giving Journals are also filled with gorgeous photos and colorful artworks.

Now that you’ve seen the journal designs, we’re sure you’re excited to rake in the stamps to get them. Filling the card with stamps is easy— 1 drink = 1 stamp. Every year, CBTL comes out with a few Holiday drinks to make the stamp-collecting more delicious. This Holiday 2018, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf introduced 2 new flavors and we totally love them!

CBTL embraced our love for this Filipino dessert treat with their Ube Ice Blended. It’s like drinking a creamy ube jam that has that nuttiness from the purple yam and vanilla-like sweetness. One sip and you know you’re home.

CBTL‘s Chocolate Nut Holiday Drinks were created to make all dark chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel lovers very happy. The play of slight bitterness, nuttiness, and smoky sweetness in your palate was just wonderful. We love that the drinks come in hot, iced, and ice blended varieties.

Giving has never been this delicious. Thank you, CBTL!

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