Whenever we want good and affordable dried cured thin slices of beef also known as “tapa” in Metro Manila, one of our go-to places is Tapa King. All-day breakfast is our thing so it’s only natural that we always look for Tapa King when the breakfast cravings hit at the weirdest hours. We’d often get either the classic or the spicy version of their Tapsilog which is basically tapa with garlic rice (sinangag) and fried egg (itlog). When we’re in the mood for something fit for royalty, we get their Royal Meals which consist of not only tapa but also servings of other known Filipino breakfast food such as fried milkfish, crispy danggit, longganisa, and tocino. We always end up full and happy— making every trip to TK worth it.

We thought we have enough reasons to visit Tapa King until we were introduced to their newest member of the Royal formation— their All New Fried Chicken. Let us tell you 3 simple yet compelling reasons why we like TK’s fried chicken and why we’re including it on our list of our regular order line-up.


Bigger chicken portions mean bigger savings and bigger satisfaction. Imagine getting a box of 6 big pieces for just PHP440 (price as of March 2019)— you’ll be able to feed 6 kids or 3 very hungry adults. See? Bigger savings, bigger satisfaction.


We love fried chicken and we have eaten quite a good amount ever since we learned about its existence. A fried chicken’s crispy skin is like our kryptonite. We just couldn’t stay away once we see the chicken’s craggy skin fried to golden perfection, tempting us to peel it away from the meat and enjoy the sound of that crunch as we bite into it. With TK’s fried chicken, you don’t just imagine it, you get to experience it because the rumors are true— definitely crispier.


When you encounter a fried chicken that has that beautiful golden crispy exterior, that also smells fantastic, and is moist and tender inside— don’t let that fried chicken go because that’s a keeper. Tapa King’s fried chicken totally got this one in the bag.

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