Along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City, there’s a milk tea place with milk tea so good that we willingly traveled 30 kilometers for. The place is called Oh My Tea.

We bravely faced the notorious Metro Manila traffic to try Oh My Tea‘s bestselling Thai Milk Tea. Their Thai Milk Teas are made from 100% imported and authentic Thai tea, they are blended with select premium ingredients and meticulously prepared  according to Thai tradition. So you can be assured that each cup is as authentic as those available in Thailand.

First thing we had was their Oh My Tea Thai Red Milk Tea. The most famous type of milk tea that can be found in the streets of Thailand. It’s made with pure Thai red tea that’s refreshing and mildly sweet with only a hint of tea.

Second thing on the list was Oh My Tea Royal Milk Tea which was a slightly intense version of the Thai Red Milk Tea. The taste of the red tea is more prominent in this one with its earthy and rich flavor. Just a trivia— this is the way Thai royals make their teas.

Between the 2 Thai Milk Teas, we personally prefer the Thai Royal Milk Tea.

Aside from the Thai selections, we also tried 2 more. We got excited when we saw matcha on their menu. It’s a no-brainer, we gotta try it.

Oh My Tea’s Thai Matcha is quite different from the usual Japanese matcha we’re used to. The Thai green tea OMT used gave a mild and subdued matcha flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the palate. But it’s still good, nonetheless.

Last thing we tried was their popular classic pearl milk tea— Oh My Tea Signature Milk Tea. This OMT version is creamier and richer with just the right kick of high grade Taiwanese black tea.

4 Milk Teas in one day! We got our 2 favorites from all we tasted— the Thai Royal Milk Tea and Thai Matcha. Totally worth the trip.

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