Hoppier Times with Mr. Graham’s

by Pepe Samson

We are huge fans of Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop. Ever since it opened in Scout Rallos in Quezon City, we’ve given up all attempts at self-restraint and we’ve been consistently raving about their Cebuano, Apple Pie Soda and the secret item, Elvis Press-Me.

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What’s Up With Mr. Graham’s?

Ever since we got introduced to their Cebuano Sandwich and Apple Pie Soda, Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop has been one of our favorite places to go to whenever we find ourselves hungry in Scout Rallos, Quezon City.

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January #BestInChamba Award Goes To…


Big Congratulations!

@eatsplorations, your photo is definitely smoking hot!


January’s #BestInChamba winner will get these 3 flavors of Jacobs Peanut Praline Butter in Hot Chili, in Matcha, and with Organic Coconut Sugar as a Token of Appreciation for participating in the contest!

As for the rest, the contest continues! Keep those food porn coming for the rest of February by using our hashtags #ManilaEatUp and #BestInChamba when you post them on your personal Instagram. Have a great day everybody!


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