What’s Up With Mr. Graham’s?

Ever since we got introduced to their Cebuano Sandwich and Apple Pie Soda, Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop has been one of our favorite places to go to whenever we find ourselves hungry in Scout Rallos, Quezon City.

Just last week, our hungry selves made their way to the shop again to get our usual sandwich and craft soda fix only to happily discover that they have new special items on the menu. Aside from ordering the mainstays, we got the newest sandwich called Salmwich. It’s pan-seared salmon in lemon-butter sauce on a bed of cream cheese and topped with tomatoes, alfalfa, and capers. It also comes with extra lemon-butter sauce in case you want to smother the Salmwich with it. We are big salmon lovers so this sandwich is a big win in our book.



We also got Elvis— their off-the-menu dessert sandwich. This is a collaboration between Mr. Graham’s and the awesome people of Jacobs’ Peanut Praline Butter. It’s basically a Pan Cubano slathered with peanut praline butter with banana slices, toasted marshmallows, and honey-cured bacon on top, and then pressed to get that amazing crisp and chewy texture. We think it’s a good brunch sandwich too!



In addition to these new sandwiches, Mr. Graham’s is also holding what they call “Happier Hour” from 3pm to 6pm during weekdays. They’re offering 3 things:

  1. Unlimited Spiked Apple Pie Soda for PHP250
  2. Unlimited Taro-Camote-Potato Chips with every sandwich
  3. Cheaper beer at PHP50 per bottle

You guessed right. We didn’t pass up the opportunity to have a go at their spiked Apple Pie Soda. That’d be unacceptable. The mix of apple pie soda and dark rum is really good.


As for the mainstays, we got The Club which has beautiful layers of guacamole, grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and fried egg. It’s literally a mouthful but a delicious mouthful at that.



We didn’t forget to order The Cebuano, of course! Still our No. 1 sandwich in Mr. Graham’s. We couldn’t say no to lechon drizzled in drippings, ham, cheddar cheese, and pickled mangoes in their delicious Pan Cubano. We always have to have this sandwich every single time we go to this shop. The craving is just too strong.



We definitely had a great lunch and we know that we’ll find ourselves hungry once again in Scout Rallos. We were also told that Mr. Graham’s is going to hold a Beer Pairing event soon using local draft beers. That’s one exciting news! We’ll attend that, for sure.

**Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop has permanently closed**


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